Blurred at the margins

From his band “Die Ärzte” well known German rock singer Farin Urlaub dedicates a song to blurring. The track called  “Unscharf” [blurred] is the second on the album “Die Wahrheit übers Lügen” [the truth about lying] of his band Farin Urlaub Racing Team from 2008. it refers to a metaphor “blurred at the margins”.

Farin Urlaub - Blurred at the margins (Youtube Screenshot)
Farin Urlaub – Blurred at the margins (Youtube Screenshot)


The instrumental music of the song itself does not appear to be an attempt to musically deal with blurring. Infact, more interesting in that regard are the song lyrics.  Urlaub describes a female unknown, whereas it is not clear whether he speaks about a person, a picture or even about something completely else. “Sie ist unscharf an den Rändern” [She is blurred at the margins] makes image affine people immediately think about vignetting in photographs; that effect where the margins of an image get darker, it makes think about wide-angle motifs that skew at the margins, or simply bad digital shots.
So does Urlaub in that regard speak about a photograph of a woman? Does he speak about a woman he does not understand, or that he does not dare to encounter? Or is it even something completely else?

Apparently, he has not given the answer to that and that’s why the inetrpretations that can be found on the internet are quite diverse. Yet, the musician succeeded in one thing very well: The meaning of the lyrics remains “blurred” – or do we ratehr have to say “unclear” in that manner?

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